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Take a tour of the ongoing archeological dig at John Guy's original homestead in the heart of Cupids

Cupids Settlement Site

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About Cupids 400
Understanding where it all began

It was called Cupers Cove. The first planned settlement in this New Founde Land.

It was a rugged vista, wild and ferocious in its beauty, cruel and unforgiving to those who took it for granted. And yet John Guy and his brave pioneers thrived, prospered, explored and conquered. Through tenacity and daring, and no small measure of sweat and toil, they wove the fabric of a culture that has resonated across the ebb and flow of centuries.

Over the next 400 years, English settlement in Newfoundland and Labrador and the rest of British North America grew to become what is now English Canada. But it all started in 1610 with John Guy’s fateful choice of Cupids as his new home.

Cupids, autumn 1612. Hilary Cass. Copyright BTHC.

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