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It was a celebration phenomenal in its time. Over four thousand people gathered in Cupids in a time in which the convenience of cars and highways, aircraft and high speed trains were the stuff of dreams and fantasy. It seems almost impossible to imagine the logistics of such an event in an age of few conveniences or means of communication.

We can only hope that when another century passes round that our grand-children may be there to rejoice for the welfare of our Empire as well as to uphold the dignity of the occasion.  -- H. F. Shortis, The Newfoundland Quarterly, October, 1910

They came from all around Conception Bay, from Trinity Bay and Grand Bank and as far away as Toronto, Montreal and Bristol, England. Under pleasant late summer skies, they were joined by the Newfoundland Govenor Sir R. Williams, Reverend William Stacey (representing Bristol) and other dignitaries as well as the British warship Brilliant and the ‘local’ frigate Fione. Flowers and flags draped from every dwelling, no matter how humble.

The celebration culminated in the dedication of a memorial in honour of John Guy that incorporated a brass plaque from the people of Bristol, celebrating the achievements of their native Bristol Venturers. In the distance could be seen the towering flagstaff with a huge Union Jack (reportedly the second largest in the Empire) gracefully rolling in the breeze. Today, the monument can be found in the very heart of Cupids and the flag will be part of the elaborate exhibit featured in the new Cupids Legacy Center.

Cupids 1910 celebration